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Private Collections

This section represent the first and only web documentation of futurist works coming from private collections, foundations and artist's archives, as well as futurist books, posters, magazines, original catalogs of that period and autograph writings.
Partnership Collectors are been gratified for the wide publication of the works in national and international exhibitions.
Private Collections archive is at disposal for exhibitions curators, museum, art critics, public and non public structures to promote and contribute exhibitions on Futurist movement and other related topics.

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detto SIBO'

Enlarge Image
L'ombra della torre
Tempera su Cartone
55 x 40 cm

Enlarge Sibò Futurista, edited by Damiano Coletta
Palazzo della Cultura, Latina (Latina)
2017, from 15 dicembre 2017 to 16 gennaio 2018

Page 20 Illustrated: Color

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Enlarge LITTORIA - SIBO', edited by Giancarlo Carpi
Futurm & Co. Art Gallery, ROMA
2018, from 10 maggio 2018 to 30 settembre 2018
Catalog printed by LANTANA ARTE, ROMA
Page 42 Illustrated: Color


Giancarlo Carpi, Massimo Baldarelli, Littoria - Sibò (2018)
Edito da lantana arte, Roma
Page 74 Illustrated: Color